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MerchMyStream Return Policy

We are thankful for every customer we receive, and want to make sure you have a good experience. We offer a limited product return or replacement which is described as follows.

Return Time Policy

Items covered in our return policy must have been in custody within the last 14 consecutive days, but no longer. After 14 days of receiving your items, we shall conclude the order to be successful unless contact from customer is made.

Defective Product Replacement Policy

Our defective product policy covers items that arrived defective and have not yet been worn. Items found to be defective will be replaced once documentation from customer has been complete.

Return of Products on Sale Policy

Items purchased on sale do not qualify for returns or replacement, unless they are found to meet the Defective Product Replacement Policy. In some cases, the same product may no longer be in stock. In the case of a sale item not being in stock, store credit will be provided at the sale value of the item purchased.

Items Not Covered Policy

Items that have been in your possession for more than 14 days will not be covered in our return policy. Wrong items ordered will not be covered unless the error was from us. Legging Size Charts are available to ensure that the products you order meet your needs, items will not be refunded for sizing problems unless the size has been found to be defective. Items found to be damaged after being worn will not be covered. Items not returned with original packaging will not be refunded. Some item returns will be accepted for store credit.

Item Return Records Policy

Returns must be made through our support ticket system for record keeping purposes. Refunds and Credits will be handled and notified through this support system. Refunds and Credits will be provided once the ticket has resolved.