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Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently looking for new streams to join our beta program. Not all streams will be accepted into our program, but you will be notified once we leave beta so you can setup you account. You can apply for our beta program by going to the Merch Up! page

We review every application individually. While we have some suggestions for the kind of streamers we are looking for, everyone is invited to apply.

Some suggestions:

  • Already have been streaming for more than 6 months.
  • Have established some level of consistent viewership.
  • Have 10 viewers or more on average.
  • Have made at least one merchandise sale.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, your personal account manager will contact you to open a line of communication.

Your account manager will collect more details about your brand and your goals. Item lineup will be discussed and graphics collected for processing.

There is no cost associated with joining our beta program directly. However, some items in our lineup currently require a minimum investment to create a startup supply

Acceptions can be made for applicants who have a history of merchandise sales, and will require agreeing to a exclusive sales rights agreement.